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Ametek-Drexelbrook Berthold midwest instrument sierra monitor
Ametek PMT MG USG brookfield engineering Niagara Meters SOR
Aquametrix JM Canty pyromation Tricor Coriolis Technology
AW-Lake Company Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc. Seametrics Flow Meter Products Williamson
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Magnetic Flow Meters
Vortex Flow Meters
Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
Pitot Averaging Flow Meters
Strain Gauge Target Flow Meters
Thermal Mass Flow Meters
Positive Displacement Flow Meters
Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Turbine Flow Meters
Venturi Tubes / Orifice Plates
Paddle Wheel Flow Meters
Direct Reading Flow Gauges
Variable Area Flow Meters
Open Channel Flow Meters


Temperature Transmitters
Temperature Controllers
Infrared Non-Contact Temperature Sensors
Temperature Gauges
Vision Systems


Pressure and DP Transmitters
Pressure Gauges
Pressure Switches
DP Gauges
Diaphragm Seals & Assemblies
Annular Isolation Rings
Pressure Transducers
Pressure Regulators
Pneumatic Controllers
I/P and P/I Transducers


Radar Level Transmitters
Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
TDR (Guided Wave Radar) Level Transmitters
RF Admittance Level Transmitters
Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters
Submersible Level Transmitters
DP (Flanged) Level Transmitters
Nuclear Level Transmitters
RF Admittance Point Level Switches
Tuning Fork Level Switches
Ultrasonic Gap Switches
Float Switches
Conductivity Switches


pH / ORP
Conductivity (Contacting & Inductive)
Dissolved Oxygen
Turbidity Analyzers
Particle Size/Shape/Distribution Analyzer

Combustion Oxygen
Safety Gas Detection Systems
Safety Flame Detectors
Process Analyzer Systems

Specialty Measurement

Vessel Process Cameras
Refractive Index
Powder Flow Tester
Electrical Meters
Power Monitors
Lightning Arresters
Flare / Pilot Monitor
Flame Intensity Monitor
Water Cut Meter

Data Acquisition & Control

Videographic (Paperless) Recorders
Strip Chart Recorders
Circular Chart Recorders
Data Acquisition Systems
Wireless Interface Solutions
Process Loop Controllers
Network Protocol Converters
Signal Conditioners
Fieldbus Systems


Control Valves
Ball Valves
Segmented Ball Valves
Plug Valves
Butterfly Valves
Anti-Cavitation Trim
Sliding Gate Control Valves
Angle Body Disc Valves
Lined Valves
Sanitary Valves
Actuators & Positioners
I/P Transducers
Manifold Valves

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